At Kurose Shoten, we have operated as a company that reuses and recycles fabrics since we were established in 1950. Through our business, such as the manufacturer and sales of Reuse Waste cloths and the sale of used clothes, our staff constantly strives to build bonds of trust with our domestic and international customers.

In recent years, global warming has become an increasingly serious problem and various measures are being implemented to combat it. As an alternative to disposing of or incinerating used clothes and used fabrics, at Kurose Shoten we sell both in Japan and overseas used clothes that are in a good enough condition to be reworn. Moreover, we collect used clothes and fabrics that cannot be reworn or reused and create Reuse Waste cloths, which are industrial-use dust cloths. This helps to save resources from being used during manufacturing and processing and also helps to prevent new industrial waste being created after clothes and fabrics have been used. In this way, we are contributing to the prevention of global warming by reducing CO2 emissions.

In the future, we ask for your continued support as we ceaselessly work toward realizing a recycling-type society, devote our energies into improving quality and increasing efficiency in our operations, and strive to respond rapidly and flexibly to customer needs.

KUROSE & CO.,LTD. President&Chief Executive Officer Hirohiko Kurose

Company Outline

Company Name
May 1950
November 2012
Head Office
TEL:+81-79-432-5335 FAX:+81-79-432-5373
Kakogawa Office
TEL:+81-79-431-2208 FAX:+81-79-431-2268
Main businesses
Manufacture and sale of Reuse Waste cloths, sales of used clothes
Number of employees
26 employees
Primary correspondent bank
Himeji Shinkin Bank Takasago Branch

Company History

May 1950
Tokio Kurose established Kurose Shoten in Hyogo Prefecture, Takasago City, Takasago-cho, Zaimoku-machi
May 1960
Relocated to Hyogo Prefecture, Takasago City, Yoneda-cho, Koshin
May 1969
Relocated to Hyogo Prefecture, Takasago City, Yoneda-cho, Yoneda-shin
January 1970
Osamu Kurose appointed representative director
May 1988
Koshin Sales Office established in Hyogo Prefecture, Takasago City, Yoneda-cho, Koshin
February 2011
Transfer to Nishikanki-cho Kakogawa-shi
kakogawa Sales office as Koshin Sales office.
November 2012
Co.,Ltd:was established Kurose
Appointed President Hirohiko Kurose.